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Baby’s Feeding Gear @ 8th Month

We are now currently on our 8th month with our baby.. I want to talk about the products that we are currently using for baby when eating or preparing his meals.. We tried our best to be practical and use what we currently have in our house for baby’s things instead of buying everything new.… Continue reading Baby’s Feeding Gear @ 8th Month


Problems Breastfeeding Moms Might Encounter

I have recently joined a group of moms in facebook and I notice that a lot of them have concern/s with their breastfeeding journey. I had an itch to write my personal experience and give some tips that might help other moms out there with their journey. What problems does a first time mom (FTM)… Continue reading Problems Breastfeeding Moms Might Encounter


My Breastfeeding Journey as a First Time Mom

A lot of future mommies or new moms are very anxious with their breastfeeding journey. I heard a lot of people doubting themselves whether they will be able to produce enough breast milk or not. I am a first time mom (FTM) and I had my fair share of questions/doubts/fears… Before giving birth, my biggest… Continue reading My Breastfeeding Journey as a First Time Mom