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How I Survived Ge Lai

Ge Lai is the traditional Chinese way of postpartum care. It lasts for 30 days after giving birth. During your Ge Lai, there are things you should and shouldn’t do. The most famous part of Ge Lai is the no taking a bath rule. Actually the rules vary already so I will discuss what my… Continue reading How I Survived Ge Lai

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Haakaa Silicone Breastpump – Review

A lot of people swear by using this product. I would like to share my experience in using this. I am lazy in the sense that I prefer to direct feed my baby to avoid washing bottles and pump parts. Direct feeding your baby is not a walk in the park, it takes longer time… Continue reading Haakaa Silicone Breastpump – Review

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Rainbow After the Rain | Benefit of weaning my Baby

When should we really wean our babies from breast feeding? The answer would depend on you as a mom. I planned to breastfeed my baby as long as I can but my circumstances did not allow me to do it so I had to wean my baby at the age of 1. I was advised… Continue reading Rainbow After the Rain | Benefit of weaning my Baby