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Don’t Skip Your Prenatal Vitamins

Prior to getting married, a lot of my friends and associates advised me to take folic acid before trying to conceive. They say it will help with the development of baby. Since I didn’t put any thought of being pregnant yet, I didn’t drink any.

To our surprise, we got the biggest blessing and I got pregnant immediately. Upon confirming my pregnancy, we went to my OB and asked what should be our “action plan”. She prescribed some “pampakapit” for a few days and prenatal vitamins for the entire month. I need to see her every month to track my pregnancy development.

My friend told me not to drink all my vitamins at the same time. I have a total of 3 supplements throughout my pregnancy, I drank one after the morning break, one after lunch and another one after the 3pm break. For me drinking my supplements on a specific time daily helped me remember taking it.

I find it soooo amazing how God created us and how our bodies function.  I read that your body will put priority in taking care of your growing baby before addressing your needs. So if you take yourself for granted and didn’t drink your calcium supplements, your body will give your reserves to your baby and you will suffer..  Moms who failed to drink their calcium will have weaker bone density than moms who religiously take their supplements. And because of this women who have been pregnant have higher risk of osteoporosis. I met a few moms saying their teeth got weaker from breastfeeding.

These are the supplements that my OB prescribed me..

First set

  1. Obimin plus
  2. Calciumade
  3. Hemarate

Second set

  1. Iberet-folic
  2. Calvin plus
  3. Elevit

It is important that you remember taking your prenatal vitamins, it’s not only for your benefit but also for your baby as well. Please DO NOT self medicate. You are pregnant so you have to be extra careful with what you eat and drink. Your actions will not only affect you but your baby as well. My OB prescribed my supplements on a monthly basis, I believe she did this because she considers what I need based on my ultrasound results and the progress of my pregnancy (current weight, my symptoms, etc).

My son at 2 months old, no need to support his head.

My nanny and my in-laws noticed that my son had strong bones and neck muscle. And I believe this is because of all the prenatal vitamins that I took when I was pregnant. And because of this, I felt more confident to let him sleep on his tummy. Click my story here.

– Mommy R


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