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Breastfeeding: 2 B or not 2 B, That is the Question.

IMG_1864Did I feed on both breasts or only one breast at a time? As a new mom, I did not know much what I should do or whats best on how to feed my baby. Even though I’ve read a lot of articles about breastfeeding, I sometimes still question if I’m doing it right or not. Some people advised me to feed my baby on both breasts every feeding because breasts tend to get empty after a while. On the other hand, some people say that it is enough to feed on one side, because as long as the baby is sucking, there will be milk.

I did not follow any rigid schedule with  my baby when he was younger. I believe that you can’t spoil a baby. It’s ok to always address his needs right away, and because of this I feed him on demand. Also as long as he is eating (and there is still a good latch) I do not cut his feedings short, even if I think he is already sleeping.

On his first month he kept on eating. He would latch almost every hour to eat for a few minutes then go back to sleep. When I told my sister about it she told me that I needed to keep him awake while feeding so he can eat longer (having fuller tummy means longer sleep). I did this by talking to him and even slightly tickling his feet just to make him feed more. Below is the sample schedule.

At first month, one breast at a time


At this point, baby now eats longer. Still at one breast per feeding.


Then from the advice of my sister, I managed to keep him awake for longer feedings, that time he fed for at least 30 minutes, so I decided to feed him from both breast per feeding. If after switching he decided to stop after a few minutes, then I will start on the same side on the next feeding and switching again after some time.



On his fourth month, he started eating for shorter periods of time. My sister said this is ok since most likely my milk flowed faster and he was able to drink more milk at a time. I decided to feed him using one breast at a time. If I feel he didn’t eat long enough on his last meal, I will feed him on the same side, we switch sides otherwise.


Below are samples schedule when my baby started to eat solids.

At 6 months, with one meal per day
At 7.5 months, with 3 meals per day

I decided to feed only one side when he started drinking faster because I want him to drink my hind-milk which will flow after the fore-milk is consumed.

– Mommy R

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