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My Diaper Bag @ 8 Months

My husband and I agree to have a non-girly diaper bag so it will be ok for him to carry it. It’s ok for me to have a manly bag instead of a floral bag which I will end up carrying if my husband will find it awkward to carry one. Being practical parents, we surveyed what type of bags we currently have at home, weigh the pros and cons of each bag and settled for a sling bag. Some find our bag too small, it is small if you are a bottle feeding mom; since I am a direct feeding mom, I don’t have to bring bottles + water + formula container so our bag is just right for our needs.

Sling bag with neutral color

We placed in the front pocket what we most often use for easy access. We have Babyganics alcohol free hand sanitizer, wipes, and J&J baby soap. We rarely use wipes to wash baby, if we have access to a sink, we would much prefer washing him in the sink.

When you open our diaper bag, this is what you will see.


Since this bag is not intended to be a diaper bag, it doesn’t have a lot of dividers or pockets, so what I did was I grouped items together and placed them in small pouches for it to be more organized.


One pouch includes an overall, just in case we will go home late or the place is cold, and another going out clothes just in case his clothes got dirty from food or other bodily fluids.

This pouch got some diapers, and butt wipes if in case we washed him in the sink.

Another pouch has 2 muslin, since no more spit up at this age, we just bring some in case of emergency. But so far we haven’t used our muslin for a long time.


One pouch includes bibs and wash clothes. It is used mainly to catch his saliva (he is currently teething).

It has an inner pocket and we put our first aid kit and nail cutter for baby. These are small items that we rarely use.

I prefer using nail cutter instead of nail file as I get impatient using a file. I think things gets done faster using a nail cutter.

What’s inside your bag?

– Mommy R



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