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How My Baby Sleep (Infant stage)

To avoid SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), WHO (World Health Organization) advised parents to let their baby sleep on their back. For his first 3-4 weeks of life, we let him sleep in a borrowed Moses basket. He slept very well on this cozy basket which mimics the tiny and cramped space in my womb.


I lived in our recliner for about 5 weeks.

After a month, he grew tall and didn’t like to sleep there anymore. We decided to let him sleep in an arm reach co-sleeper. But he was not happy. Usually he fell asleep while eating then we put him on his back in the co sleeper or our bed, he would wake up and cry after 5-10 mins. We discovered that if we want him to sleep longer it will happen on mommy’s chest or if we allowed him to sleep on his tummy. I am afraid of letting him sleep on his tummy because of SIDS. My OB and Pediatrician also advised me not to do it. Since it is a no no to let him sleep on his tummy, I just let him sleep in my chest. I lived in our recliner for about 5 weeks.

Around 1.5 months during his nap

At around 2.5 months, I gave in and allowed him to sleep on his tummy at night. We are very lucky that he had strong bones and developed his neck and shoulder muscles very early that was why he can move his neck without any problems since birth. Maybe all the calcium and other pre-natal vitamins that I took while pregnant until after birth helped him. When my friends and I talked about supplements ee were taking, one said she stopped taking calcium after birth, while another said she wasn’t prescribed calcium at all.

At 2 months during one of his naps

I am very lucky to have a very supportive husband who bought me a recliner before giving birth because (nagpauto siya sa mga salesman) they said it will really help with my breastfeeding. Actually it did help a lot, not only in feeding baby, but also for keeping him safe asleep in my arms. Because I am in a recliner, I somewhat feel “safer” and that baby will not fall even if I fell asleep. We placed our recliner beside our bed and put a pillow under my arm to support his head.

We only swaddled our baby for about a week, he doesn’t like being restrained. Good thing my sister lent me her swaddler. I recommend just buying a big cloth (can be used as blanket in the future) instead of buying a swaddler since your baby might not like being restricted.

For other moms who feel tired of carrying their babies in their sleep, this is normal and this too shall pass. Just enjoy the moment and if it’s really getting into your nerves, ask help from your husband. Sometimes they just don’t know what to do but if you do ask for their help, they would be glad to help you with taking care of your baby.

Click this link if you want to see how my baby sleeps when he was a bit older.

– mommy R

We got our recliner from

The Parenting Emporium,

#29 1st Street, New Manila, QC


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