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 Breastfeeding Q&A

As mentioned in my previous blog post, lack of sleep is one of the biggest obstacle I faced from my breastfeeding journey. I will try to list minor bumps I had and discuss how I deal with each of them.

How did I deal with my hunger & thirst?

My lack of sleep leads to me to feeling hungry ALL THE TIME. It is a minor struggle because I cannot eat a lot, I am not used to eating a lot per meal. I eat small frequent meals and when I started breastfeeding I needed to eat more to sustain me. There was a time (around 2nd month post partum) that I have to eat rice approx 1/4 cup at 10:30 or 11:00 pm to get me thru the night. If I don’t eat, I will be hungry by 4am. I know this is not ideal but this is how I cope up with my hunger and sanity.

Aside from feeling hungry, I also feel that I am always thirsty.. I need to be able to drink while I feed my baby without spilling no matter what position I’m in. To solve this problem I used my husband’s Camelbak water bottle. This is the best solution for me because I can put the bottle anywhere without the fear of it spilling. I even put it in the bed beside me for easy access. And I can drink from it even when I am slouched in the bed or recliner.

Do I wake baby to feed?

I did not wake baby. Pedia advised us to wake baby only if he slept 5 hours straight in the morning. That never happened to us so I did not wake baby to feed. I believe if you did not interrupt your baby’s sleep (specially at night), it will be easy for him to sleep train.

Did I leak? Is breast pads necessary?

I experienced leaking only during my first two to three weeks post partum. When my supply stabilized, my leaking also stopped. I don’t need to wear any breast pads when I am at home. Sometimes I would just bring pads when I go out just in case I need it. Sometimes I use a hanky when I am just at home. I suggest not to hoard breast pads. Me and my friends had the same experience on not leaking too much.

How did I deal with soreness of nipples?

I just religiously spread breast milk on it and let it air dry after every feeding on our first 2 weeks. I am lucky, I never had to put any creams.  I am also afraid of my baby ingesting it. I read before that you don’t have to wash your nipples with soap, washing it with plain water is best.

Is burping required?

Yes! Whether you are direct or bottle feeding your baby, burping is necessary. This is also one of our biggest challenge. My baby sleeps while feeding, and it is very hard to wake him up. It is hard to have him burp while asleep. It is recommended to burp your baby for 15 mins after feeding but since he is asleep, it’s harder for the trapped air to come out. So what we did is that we had to burp baby for about 30 mins before putting him down. If we didn’t do this he will have a lot of spit ups and I will be stressed out. So to keep me sane I would sacrifice holding baby for a longer time rather than seeing him spit up a lot.

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– Mommy R


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