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Breastfeeding: 2 B or not 2 B, That is the Question.

Did I feed on both breasts or only one breast at a time? As a new mom, I did not know much what I should do or whats best on how to feed my baby. Even though I've read a lot of articles about breastfeeding, I sometimes still question if I'm doing it right or not.… Continue reading Breastfeeding: 2 B or not 2 B, That is the Question.

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My Diaper Bag @ 8 Months

My husband and I agree to have a non-girly diaper bag so it will be ok for him to carry it. It's ok for me to have a manly bag instead of a floral bag which I will end up carrying if my husband will find it awkward to carry one. Being practical parents, we… Continue reading My Diaper Bag @ 8 Months

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How My Baby Sleep (Infant stage)

To avoid SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), WHO (World Health Organization) advised parents to let their baby sleep on their back. For his first 3-4 weeks of life, we let him sleep in a borrowed Moses basket. He slept very well on this cozy basket which mimics the tiny and cramped space in my womb.… Continue reading How My Baby Sleep (Infant stage)