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Baby’s Feeding Gear @ 8th Month

We are now currently on our 8th month with our baby.. I want to talk about the products that we are currently using for baby when eating or preparing his meals.. We tried our best to be practical and use what we currently have in our house for baby’s things instead of buying everything new. Of course we still bought some things for him that we do not have but think that we need .

We used the following for baby feeding routine:

Ordinary Blender

Few We used a regular blender to slightly crush the rice grain to smaller pieces. Whenever I find that the grains are still a bit big, we just use mortar and pestle at home to crush it further to smaller pieces.

Hand blender


Since hubby is a chef, he has a hand blender at home and that is what we used to prepare baby’s pureed food. Just make sure that the head of the hand blender is metal so it doesn’t melt while blending hot baby food. Other practical mom’s only use forks to mash baby’s food. We find hand blender useful because we make baby’s food in big batches then just freezing them in bulk. If you prefer to make fresh food every meal, using a fork will suffice.

Food cubes


As mentioned above, we make baby food in big batches that’s why we need food cubes or baby blocks for storing. I will discuss baby foods that we prepared in a separate entry.

Baby bowls and spoon


We got an Oxo Tot spoon with silicon tip. Hubby read somewhere that using a metal spoon will hurt baby’s soft and tender gums so this is a need for us. As of now, baby still is being fed by me or the nanny so we use a stainless bowl for him. I chose stainless instead of glass/ceramic bowl so that if there will be accidents like baby might accidentally push his nanny or the bowl, it won’t break when it falls.

Water-proof bibs

What I like in using these bibs is that they are very low maintenance. If baby becomes messy, his nanny can just wipe the mess away. Also baby will not feel if it is wet or not. He will always feel dry.

Wash cloth

Small wash cloths are needed when baby eats. To wipe baby’s face, hand and other surfaces if food comes in contact with them to avoid making more mess.

Bottle Brush & Small Sponge

IMG_0895I find Regular cleaning materials are big, bottle brush is necessary for cleaning hard to reach parts of sippy cups, food cubes and food feeder.

Kids me Food Feeder

IMG_0866I wanted to try baby led weaning (BLW) at first. But I am also afraid he might choke. As you all know, being a first time mom means we are always always careful not to put our baby in ANY danger. To exercise or make him feel the need to chew a bit, we decided to buy this feeder. We use this to feed him uncooked apples, mashed mangoes, steamed carrots, and sliced grapes without the skin. We are currently using the medium sized nipple.

Sippy Cup


At first I did not plan on buying one for baby, I’ve read of horror stories of sippy cups being hard to clean that’s why other people got mold on their cups and that is just yucky. My sister trained her babies to drink from a shot glass. At first, I planned to do the same for my baby because in my mind, a cup is easier to clean since there are no small parts on it. But I also read in some articles that sippy cups exercises baby’s muscle around the mouth that will help him in his speech. And that’s the reason I made him use one.

Booster seat


Babies are messy when they are eating therefore making him sit and contained in one area is helpful to avoid having a lot of mess.

I will do a review in most products on our list soon.

– Mommy R


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